Starkey Hearing Technologies

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Starkey Hearing Technologies is a leader in technology in addition to being committed to philanthropy. The Starkey Hearing Foundation has provided more than 1 million hearing aids to people around the world. They are the only privately held and American made company in the hearing industry. They are dedicated to the art and science of better hearing. Starkey offers a wide range of hearing aids through several of its brands ranging from invisible hearing aids to a hearing aid designed to relieve tinnitus.

starkey hearing aids panama city fl

SoundLens Technology

The SoundLens Synergy technology allows the hearing aid to gradually and automatically adjust settings for new hearing aid wearers. This lets the brain get re-acquainted with processing some sounds that are “new” again.

Halo iQ and Halo 2

Halo iQ and Halo 2 technologies are included in their in-canal receiver hearing aids with part of the device over the back of the ear. They can stream phones calls, music and more from your iPhone to your hearing aid. Their technology eliminates whistling and feedback. In addition to working with the iPhone, they also can connect directly to an iPad, iPod and the Apple Watch.

Their in-ear canal models offer SoundLens Synergy iQ and SoundLens Synergy technology. These models are custom fitted and virtually invisible. They treat moderately severe to mild hearing loss. They offer wireless streaming and automatically adjust to different noise environments.

starkey hearing aids panama city fl

Muse iQ, Muse and Z Series technology

The behind-the-ear hearing aids use Muse iQ, Muse and Z Series technology. They come in a variety of colors and feature a discreet contemporary design. They have easy to use controls. The Muse iQ technology includes two rechargeable options, wireless streaming and a nanoshield coating to protect against water, wax and moisture.

Those using Muse technology can be customized for specific hearing needs. Muse technology offers Acuity Directionality to improve speech recognition in difficult listening situations. Z Series technology is the newest technology designed to improve speech audibility but also improve high-pitch speech recognition such as speech levels of women and children. It includes advances in wireless streaming, feedback cancellation, distortion control and tinnitus relief.

Audiology Consultants can go through the different styles and models and help you find a hearing aid to fit your comfort level and lifestyle.

starkey hearing aids panama city fl