Unitron Hearing Aids

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Unitron has consistently designed smaller hearing aids that still deliver unmistakable sound and all the features the larger hearing aids have.

The Moxi model has an in-canal receiver and a small portion that fits behind the ear. Many models are in the Moxi line and they feature different battery options including flexible recharging modes as well as wireless streaming and electronic device compatibility.
The Moxi line has SoundCore technology that helps with brain processing for better sound understanding and it also adjusts to different environments.

There are several models in the Stride line. This behind-the-ear line has intuitive control features, high power and a model that is highly durable and moisture resistant.

The Insera

The Insera has directional performance so wearers aren’t going to miss any part of the conversation and it is customized for best fit using something called EarMatch. EarMatch analyzes a wearer’s ear, identified unique features and then makes a model. It is also custom calibrated for directional sound pick-up.

The Max

The Max features super power but it has over-amplification suppression to protect hearing health. It is the “extreme fighter” model of hearing aids and can stand up to corrosion, water and “extreme” elements.

Hearing Aids

Rechargeable options

All the Unitron models offer wireless streaming and most have recharging options meaning you can change batteries if you like or put the models on a charger where they automatically recharge overnight and are ready for use the next morning. Those who have dexterity challenges usually prefer models that can be put on a charger.

Design and colors

All the Unitron models feature a contemporary design and even some “designer” colors. The Moxi line offers two-tone behind the ear models and some of the colors include teal, pewter, amber and expresso. Unitron has won a number of design awards for their contemporary hearing aid designs.

Rechargable Hearing Aids
Flex Trial


While all hearing aid manufacturers offer some sort of trial plan, Unitron prides itself on its company “Flex-Trial” This allows wearers to try out the different models with different technological advances and features – and different programming options.